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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Human Rights Shouldn't Justify Human Wrongs

When Two Rights Go Wrong
"Douglas McCue, 68, stands in front of his home in Perth, ON, Sept. 19, 2009. The CornerStone Bed and Breakfast that he operated out of his home since 2003 was closed on March 30 following court procedures and an Ontario Human Rights Tribunal case after he refused to let a blind man with a guide dog stay at the B&B due to his allergic reaction to dogs, which affects his diabetes."

This summer, we had a similar situation with a much less stressful resolution.

A man and his "lady-friend" showed up with their dog after making online reservations. With no forewarning of their unique situation, and with several printed pages of our obligation to accept their animal into the Inn, they "forced" my kind-hearted Innkeeper to let them stay. I told them that we would never discriminate against anyone - handicapped or otherwise.

I felt their using a "dog-in-training" (this guy trains them for autistic children), along with misusing an admirable piece of legislation was wrong and unacceptable to me. I let them stay the night, but that was it. The next morning my guests were asking all the questions I would, like what's the disability, how the dog helps, etc. Turns out that his lady-friend (his words) was calmed by the dog-in-training, and he was misleading me when he said that she was "slightly" autistic.

Needless to say, I was outraged at his irresponsibility and selfishness. We do not allow animals in the house for the same reason most small B&Bs do not, guests have allergies. I have two dogs and I love animals. I keep them out of the Inn out of respect for my guests. So what can I do? I'm posting this article, and I contacted our local B&B association to warn them, and to flag any future reservations from this person.

I did learn more about the law, its intentions, and how it can be misused and misapplied for selfish reasons. I hope everyone will stand up to such "bulling", learn your rights, and be kind to each other.

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When Two Rights Go Wrong:
In Perth bed-and-breakfast battle, there are no real winners - BY KELLY EGAN, THE OTTAWA CITIZENSEPTEMBER 20, 2009COMMENTS (26)

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